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Rob S

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On one of my fermenters I bottle using a 10mm tube.

I'd like to try a inline filter to see what the results are like.

In it I'm currently brewing a stout with ground coffee beans in it.

It tastes marvellous, but I get grainy coffee grinds in samples that I've been taking.

I'd like to use an inline filter, but want to keep yeast in solution to carbonate the bottle.

I'm thinking either a 5 or a 10 micron inline filter should to the trick.

I have no idea where to get one but I'm thinking auto one (fuel filter) or an aquarium shop.

I'm just not sure that they'd carry a filter made for 10mm tubing.

Does anyone know where to get cheap filters from, and what micron level will allow yeast to pass through?

1 micron absolute or 0.35 nominal
will both allow enough yeasties to do their job

Have a search on here, a lot use the craftbrewer style with good results. There are alternative to the style

I'm not sure if an automotive fuel filter could leave some residual flavor behind, and also another issue I think it could block really fast.

For a larger particle filter I use a 13mm irrigation filter, and it lives on my keg filling hose.
I got mine from Bunnings. Not sure of the particle size, but they work really well.


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