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Hey guys, Ive been brewing kitbrews only for around 8-9 months and now need a little advise. My brother got me a brew kit for christmass containing-

Morgans golden sheaf wheat beer liquid extract
1kg of christal light malt
500g of christal wheat malt extract
25g of Hersbrucker hops
11.5g of WB-06 yeast
and corriander seed

Sadly the kit did not contain any instructions so i have some questions.
1)What should i do with the hops? how long should i boil it for? should i dry hop?ext
2)What should i do with the coriander seed?
3)1.5kg of added christal malt seems to me like alot(not that i know what im talking about) will the yeast get through all of this?

Thanks to the posters in advance and all the help this community has given me already :D
For the hops I would either give them a quick boil for 5 mins or just dry hop as you said and same with the coriander seeds probably a quick boil for sanitation purpose and I think the rule of thumb is generally no more than 500g of speciality malts in a 23 litre batch otherwise you will get an overpowering malt and caramel flavours sometimes sickening.
Oh and one thing with the coriander seeds I would use a Hop bag or something along those lines otherwise if they make it through to your fermenter they will over power your beer.... and crack the seeds before use...

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