Igloo Esky Purchase In Tassie - Anyone Interested?

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Hi All,

If anyone in Tassie is considering going AG and is interested in making an
Esky mash tun please let me know...

I can arrange with the LHBS to get 5 igloo esky's for $99 each,
as long as i can sell 3 of them. You'll have to make/purchase a manifold.

Here's a link to the esky (it's the 48QT version)

Hi Andy.

Have you tried Barbeques Galore and asked about Igloo coolers there? I know they stock Igloo coolers and when I was looking they had the 5 gallon (19L) round Igloo's for about $99 (no bulk buy necessary) and the round ones were dearer than conventional rectangular/square ones of larger capacity, however I haven't had a look for a while. If they haven't got any in I'm sure they would order one in for you. Also try Allgoods.

Is $100 a good price for a square/rectangular cooler? I could have sworn you can buy them much cheaper than that. BigW for example has a range of them for not a lot of $$ if I remember correctly, so does Bunnings. When your talking eskys, shape doesn't seem to be a real important factor (regardless of what John Palmer says in his book), especially if you batch sparge. Also don't stress too much about heat loss. Plenty of people are using the conventional rectangular eskys as tuns with great success. I'm sure other members here will throw up different brands of esky that they use which are perfectly suitable.

I bought a cuboid Coleman esky for my mashtun from ALLGOODS in Glenorchy, it's 19L and works great and cost me about $55 on special. They also had one that was about double the size. I bought it because I wanted a deep grain bed for fly sparging-if I had my time again I would have just bought a normal one and batch sparged.

Basically, although I haven't priced eskies in a while, that doesn't sound real cheap to me. I'd say you could save yourself some dollars by buying a normal shaped esky. I'd be keen to know what others here think but I hope it helps. Also, consider buying a secondhand one from a secondhand shop as they can be cheap as chips there.

Which homebrew shop are you referring to by the way? I find the guys at Brew by You in Glenorchy to be excellent blokes and they have the best prices on bags of grain you'll find in Tassie by a long shot. Good blokes. Hope it helps.

Cheers, Justin

Edit: added my esky brand and photo.

Few on ebay too: here's one: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Esky-Brand-Esky-50-...1QQcmdZViewItem



Hi Justin,

I've walked all around town, aked the guys at BBQ Galore, Camping shops, without any luck...gave Allgoods in Hobart a call- no luck.. may need to travel
to Glenorchy and have a look... Went to Bunnings in Launceston yesterday and no luck there too..about to start calling Macca's and KFC... that's how desperate i'm getting...

Reason i'm looking for Igloo or similar is because i've heard Willow and Esky brands tend to warp because of the high temperatures (has anyone had this problem if using one of these brands ?)... Probably is a bit on the expensive side,
but it's easier for me make a tun this was as i have no tools to do anything with kegs (and i can get kegs real cheap too!!!)

TasHBS is the HBS that will get them in.. have been to BBY, yes nice guys...
haven't brewed there but have had their brews (dark isle)...

Nice and neat setup too...


if you are friendly with anyone at Macca's you could be good to go.. my brother sorted me with a nice big igloo drink cooler from macca's.! :ph34r:

thats quite the neat setup you have there..!
looks like it would save some room... does it get cramped at all.? :blink:
Hi Kong. Not too bad actually. I measured out everything so it would fit. The system was designed to be as complact as possible yet leave it all set up (due to room constraints on my last house) I guess the important part was being able to get my chiller in and out of the kettle, which I can do no worries. The only drawback is the height a bit. I'm in the process of sourcing some steel to make a single tier or two tier so this one will be retired. Has served me well though.

Cheers, Justin
hmmm, yeh i like it.....wonder what frieght to sydney would be.? :)
KoNG said:
thats quite the neat setup you have there..!

Was most certainly the blueprint and inspiration behind mine. :beerbang:

BTW My 10 gallon Igloo was bought from BBQs Galore Preston. Cost me $130.

Warren -
Cool. Yeah the only reason I'm changing mine is I have a pump to employ now (so I can finally be a real brewer ;) ). It's been sitting there for a while now without being used, so I'm going to kick it into gear over the next few weeks when I can get my new frame welded up.

Ah. I love tinkering and building.

Cheers, Justin

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