Idophur In Kegs For Weeks

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I'm probably worried about nothing hear but...

Is there any problem with leaving sterilising solution (I use Idophor) in my kegs for weeks on end until they are ready to be used?

I'm a bit concerned the solution might be chewing away at the keg walls. :(

Am I doing the right thing or destroying my investments ???
Hey Wax,

I use Idophor in my kegs and just give them a good rinse. As long as it's not Sodium Met.
Should be fine Wax, it's designed to be used with stainless. Iodophor is actually Alfa Agri F-12 Low Foaming Milking Machine sanitizer, all milking machine equipment is stainless. I have a mate who leaves iodophor in his kegs all the time and I've just started doing it and from what I've read on iodophor it shouldn't hurt stainless at all. It's the chlorine based one's you need to watch, they can pit the stainless. At the moment I have about 5L of iodophor sitting in one of my kegs.

And Hopeye, iodophor is a no rinse sanitizer so why would you want to undo the work of the sanitizer by adding unsterilized water to rinse.

Have a look at this article here on iodophor and rinsing.

Cheers, Justin
I went to Iodophor for 2 reasons
1 - no rinsing required
2 - it's safe on Stainless Steel so I can keep the kegs full until I need them.

I think bleach can cause corrosion with stainless steel. I leave phosphoric acid in my gear for weeks with no drama.
I leave Idophor solution in both kegs and fermenters for weeks on end. Matter of fact, that's how I now store things when they're not in use.

The kegs are no problem, as the guys say above, it really doesn't seem to have any impact on stainless steel.

I was originally worried about the discolourisation that is reported to occur on plastic containers - certainly the little plastic bottle that the stuff comes in gets stained up good and proper.

I haven't however noticed any real staining in the fermenters, although I guess if I give it another month/year/decade no doubt something will occur.

Has anybody else noticed any staining?

It stains my fermenters temporarily but that's not of any concern.

More importantly I have been using it in my MSB 11.5L fermenters as well. I have three of these and the taps all leak now after about 3-4 applications of double strength idophor. Maybe totally unrelated and they may just be dodgy taps...

Anybody else had any components deteriorate (other than go a trendy depression brown colour) with idophor?
The link posted above re the Iodophor article has changed.
It's now here.

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