I Think Its Time To Bottle Em!

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Hello All,

i am hoping its time tob ottle my beer.

i have tested it for SG with my coopers hydrometer.

Please advise if we are good to go from these results.

If you look at your coopers hydrometer the level that my beer stops at is just on the number 10 under the 1.000 bar.

Please tell me w are good to go.....there doesnt seem to b any mor bubbling of the brew itself as i poured some into a glass to let it settle to check for clarity and in the initial pouring there didnt seem like an bubbling fermenting activity.

Cheers..................waiting in front of pc ready for the 'good to go' answer

oh an also i forgot to mention that this reading has remained at this level for the past 2 days now


You should be readt to bottle if it has been stable for a couple of days. Is the reading withinthe range that the kit said it should finish at?

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