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You are a kits and bits brewer and are starting to produce some good/consistant results.

The brew gods are smiling down on you and a lazy $500 falls your way.

In hindsight and given what you know now, do you

1. keg immediately - 'cause nothing is better than your own brew from a tap.

2. AG - 'cause you are now addicted and need to "go all the way"

3. Buy a still - 'cause bourbon tastes good too.

4. Go to the races on Saturday - 'cause you're scared this whole thing is becoming an obsession.

For the record my choice - 1

I'd keg. That way you can brew more often without being put off by the bottling regime and you might find yourself drifting into AG anyway.

goto agree with tdh ...

Keg - everyone who gets into kegging allways says - why didn't i start kegging sooner.
Definately Keg, this is probably the main expense. You can go AG without spending that much and scrounging. Much harder to find anough bits for a keg system.
Definitely the keg system. You already like brewing kits and bits and you enjoy the results, so you know spending money on a keg system will enhance that pleasure.

Alternatively, you spend a wad of cash on an AG system and then discover that you think spending 6 hours to make a batch of beer is pain in the arse, so you end up with a load of equipment that sits around doing nothing (although this is unlikely because AG ROCKS :)).

Another option is to get advice from the friendly forum members and build a keg system for well under $500, and then use the left over cash to slowly build up to AG. I'm sure the guys on this site have the knowledge and contacts to builb both a keg system and start up AG system for $500.

Now all you have to do is wait for GMKenterprises to offer you a deal you can't refuse ;) .

Just as well you didn't attach a poll to this thread Quincy! Keggers vs Non-keggers going head to head... not pretty :D

Oh yeah... another "vote" for option one.

keg. best $$ you will spend considering summer is just around the corner.
i would go a still, thats only because i already keg, and that was the best brewing decision ive made so far
Race 8, Horse 5 to win ;)

Keg too. Because if your sticking with this hobby your going to end up kegging in the future anyway, might as well do it now while you have the chance and enjoy the system ASAP.

Then build your AG system on the cheap and have a go. Rememeber it doesn't have to be all stainless and pretty to make good beer. Plastic vessels are cheap and easy to get and even easier to work with. Go plastic all grain for next to nothing and have a go. If you like it build a stainless beauty ;).

Build your own still!!! You don't need $500 bucks that's for sure and you can make a still that will far out perform anything you can buy off the shelf. Have a read over the www.homedistiller.org website for guidance, don't try and reinvent the wheel and go with what works.

Cheers, Justin
Go with the keg !

You can use the kegs whether you kit or AG brew.
Yep, KEG. It is what I am saving up for now, have only done a few brews but bottling has already given me this shits.

Can see why so many people quit... just because of the process of bottling.

WOULD love a still too though. RUM RUM RUM
Definitely Keg.
If I hadn't gone the kegging route I would have stopped brewing before I started brewing All Grain.


12 replies - 12 say keg.

Something in that.

Here we go !!!!!
As dedicated as I am to the art and craft of All grain brewing I'd have to admit to a yes for kegging.

You will of course find a constant need to add to their number and fill them [er sorry empty] as often as possible and then of course you will need to brew more and you'll need more kegs and you'll need to brew more and ....... I'm I sounding obsessive ............ right :)

keg i still bottle and it a pain in the backside and i brew ag
Am torn, it is not often the brew gods drop $500 inyour lap, buy the biggest item, a still, cause 70% ethanol makes the best sanitiser.

Or spend the lot on books.

Or do a deal with your homebrew shop, how many kegs will they through in with the setup for $500?
I think I get my opinion across. The best thing about kegs is there is only one vessel to clean :)
At this stage in my fermentation career it would definately be the keg system.


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