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I was under the opinion you could once you have a yeast you like continualy reproduce it. I was searching for info and they sound like you buy some, and then grow a small portion for your brew, and that way you get 5 brews per liquid yeast but you still need to buy more again

Is there a way of buying a good yeast and the growing it to support your homebrewing or am i totaly out of it

thanks for the help

There has been shit loads of talking about this on

under the discussion section, just do a search on yeast and it will come up with heaps.

thanks i never thought to do a search on threads (i did read the articals at grumpys - just not their fourm)


P.S can anyone say its a well worth exercise?
When I culture up yeast, I do enough to make 2-3 starter cultures (stubbies). It is not worth making up any more unless you are going to use that yeast a lot and reasonably quickly. Also when you get a few yeast strains they start taking up a lot of fridge space.
When I get down to the last culture stubbie, I culture it up again and split.
When I started I found these instructions very good.

Hope that helps,
I have for the past 20+ brews only brewed lager and infact 99% has been the same kit so i would only have one yeast most likly
i brew (love) a hop'd nice larger like boggs and cascade prem. and stout every now and then (every say 7th brew)

so i wouldn't need to have lots of different yeats.

i gather by your comment you can continualy make yeast from one liquid. meaning you only buy one and can continue to make your own
A general rule of thumb is that you should be able to get a good six generations from each liquid yeast you buy.
This can however vary based on particular strains.
You can get more if you start washing your yeast. There is a good article here on acid washing your yeast.


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