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Hi guys, has anyone on the forum here travelled from Los Angeles out to Riverside where the Morebeer store is? I'm lucky enough to be going to San Diego for a conference late October and I'd love to go to morebeer to buy goodies. I've been trying to work out how I would get from LA to Riverside (about 50k's away I think), it doesn't look as though a train from LA goes out that far, and it doesn't seem as though a bus runs out there from LA either.

So...has anyone on the forum here actually travelled out to the store and if so how did you end up going about doing it.

I've got a month to work out the best way to get there so I'm trying to work it out now in the hope that it's all going to work. Keen for some help from anyone who may have done it.

Cheers, Justin

Haven't done Morebeer, but did HomeBrew Heaven in Seattle last year.
Encountered the same problem (although it is probably worse in LA where there is no public transport).
I rang ahead to see if they had everything I was after and they did. In fact one of the owners went past the hotel I was staying in and offered to drop off the items I wanted saving me the trip.
I actually went out there though because I wanted to have a browse. I got a town car service which is basically like a up market un-marked luxury taxi service. Cost me less than a return taxi fare, they waited for me while I was in the store and I knew I was safe.
I don't recall the exact price, it wasn't cheap, but it was justifiable :p


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