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Hi all, I have gotten back into H B and during discussion with my friend they introduced me to the hot break. Exclaiming that by boiling my canned wort and ingredients for the time to get rid of the SCUM, lol will give a better mouth feel. I think this has led to a reduction in the success of the fermentation as it only bubbles for a short period of time. Without doing it it seems to ferment better. SG is lower at the end. I’m not sure I should be doing it with a canned wort as it would have already been done during process. What do you think? Can boiling the can and sugars destroy the fermentables to a point?
Seems like it works better the old way! Am I doing something wrong?
LME is prepared by boiling under reduced pressure, which lowers the boiling point. How long the mash is boiled before reduction may vary; Coopers, Morgans and Briess don't provide much detail.

Nonetheless, your friend's rationale makes no sense. Most hot break forms very early during a boil. You may get a little by boiling extract, but it won't compare with boilng an AG wort. Hot break has an unpleasant taste, but I cannot imagine how it would affect mouth feel.

What does are unfermented hydrocarbons. Why they would increase by boiling an extract wort escapes me, since conversion was complete in manufacturing. Caramelisation is ordinarily very slight during long boils.

Whether any one here solves the mystery, go with what worked for you.

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