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I have just dry hopped two APA's with 25g Cascade pellets.

One I threw the pellets in loose after racking to secondary

the other I put the pellets in a piece of stocking, placed this at the bottom of the secondary and racked the beer on top of this.

The loose pellets option produced a significantly stronger aroma which is what I wanted.

The hops in bag option has a very mild aroma.

Has anyone else had this experience? Why is it so? My hop bag was very small/tight and perhaps didn't allow the hops to separate?

Yep, you more or less answered your own question Fish.

With the loose hops the aroma will subside somewhat over time. Obviously just add less next if you use this method again.

I've always put my dry hops into sanitized stocking legs. Aroma is less for reasons that you mentioned. Surface area is reduced.

Ways around this would be to use 2 or 3 stockings with less hops in them. Alternatively step up the amount you use in one stocking.

Me personally. I stopped dry hopping with Cascade for the same reasons as yourself. Little too in your face. I've just resorted to adding quite a bit as late additions which IMO gives a more pleasing finish.

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