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BrewInn Barossa:~ Home to GMKenterprises ~
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Hi Hoops,

Hope u dont mind - thought it might be better starting a new thread - just for the adealide part.

Sun 12 Dec i am hoping to do the Xmas Case Swap at Wee Stus Brewery....

Other than that - not much planned.

Do any of you guys want to arrange a grumpys night while he is over?

Open to suggestions.
Good idea Ken.

Still waiting to fond out when I can leave here but I can be in Adelaide by Sunday morning, will definitely be staying the night so I can go and get a couple of NASA burners Monday.
If everyone's meeting up to do the Xmas case swap Sunday maybe I could tag along to meet a few people?
Or what about a few beers at someones house or a local pub/micro?
Hi travelling adventurer,
Sunday morning,afternoon, nite, wee hours is good for me as is monday allday.
Iam in for whatever evolves.
Anyone want to host a group of brewers for the afternoon or evening?
Iam not sure what wee stu's family think of getting over run by brewers, they proberly have a hard enough time coping with one 'wee' brewer. ;) :blink:
Anyway count me in what ever happens.

I'm not free at all on Sunday and have to work Monday. If something is organised for Monday evening I will try to make it along.

we could do the the XMAS Case swap at the BrewInn Barossa...

I can throw the BBQ open - Byo meat and a salad...

Are peoples interested....
i could bring a keg of APA with me to the Monk on the Sunday

nice and central, would like to meet Hoops since he will be in Adelaide. . .

Jovial Monk
Pop in to Grumpy's micro on Monday or Monday evening, we have a wood fired oven and make tasty pizza, wraps etc. and we make beer!

Currently on tap are the Grumpy's Genuine Pale Ale, TomCat CAP, Red Baron 80/-, Auld Fokker Altbier and the Heysen Scottish Oatmeal Stout.

Adelaide's micro with the largest range of all grain micro brews.

It won't be as full bore a night as last Friday's gathering, but I can certainly be your host for a couple of hours. (We'll shout Hoops a pint, kitchen will be open, show him the micro, talk beer.....)

jayse said:
Iam not sure what wee stu's family think of getting over run by brewers, they proberly have a hard enough time coping with one 'wee' brewer. ;) :blink:
I don't want to sound like a party pooper, but I think Jayse is pretty much on the money here :ph34r: :ph34r:

GMK your offer is generous, but the Barossa is quite a way to travel for some people. One of the reasons half the Xmas case is finding its way to my place.

If no one else does jump in, how about this as an alternative for the Sunday. What about a visit to the Wheatsheaf in Thebarton? Probably the best range of bottled beers in Adelaide, with Little Creatures on tap. They are open from 12 to 9pm on Sundays, and they have a bit of a beer garden, but no food. By all accounts the pub is a bit on the grungy side, but the beer would be passable and the compnay a whole lot better :D :chug:

Looking forward to opening up wee stu's to a gathering sometime in 2005. This time, however, the allignment of the stars could not have been worse :unsure: .
Apologies to all, and especially to Hoops.
Ok wee stu - like the idea of the wheatsheaf...

We could stop by your place in the morning - do the Xmas case swap.
Then onto the wheat sheaf...

Meet up with some other AHBers.

What do u all say...
What time frame. . .gotta keep the shop open 11-4, but Thebarton is like 5 mins drive from Unley

Sounding good guys.

Thanks Ken for offering up your place, doesn't look like too many are keen for the drive though.

As far as meeting up goes I have no idea what is where or how far they are from anything so if the majority agree on a place and time I will be there, so wheatsheaf, JM's, Grumpy's all sound good.

No worries about your place Wees Stu, wouldn't want to upset the missus so close to Xmas ;)

Jovial_Monk said:
What time frame. . .gotta keep the shop open 11-4, but Thebarton is like 5 mins drive from Unley

Maybe in a Tardis it is 5 minutes :lol:
Oh yeah, "The 'sheaf" is a bewdy, gets my nod.
What time though, after lunch, say 2 pm?

from 2pm sounds fine - who is up for it...

can someone in adelaide come and pick me up in the tardis and also pick up batz on the way down from the topend.we would love to come have a few beers a feed a mag and then be back for work. ;)

big d
oh and i forgot bonk over in darwin.
btw how many ahbers can you fit in a tardis?

big d
I was always very suprised Big D that they got so many in the Tardis. Maybe be we could have an AHB time warp brewday .... in the Tardis?

I know I'm being silly.

After this trip big d , I may never be able to visit Adelaide again.
I have bought another case and still have my Goliath buy up as yet , few goodies from Boots , and a secondhand 30 lt urn!
I am in the deep shit again !


Yes , better stop the tardis at my place , I may need a quick get away !

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