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Picture_018.jpgI am gathering up some equipment to begin ag. I dont know where to get the big kegs to convert and have found this metal boiler at my father in laws house. It holds around 35 liters and i think it is made of tin. Is this any good for a HLT???
unfortunately I don't think so.

from my understanding tin + beer = bad.

I may be wrong?
no good for a boiler but as hly not sure as i aint a scientiest but not sure how tin reacts withbrass
jimmyjack,i agree with jez,tin plus beer is a no go.stainless steel,copper,aluminium .no probs,maybe you could pick up what you want/need from a discount store or saint vinnies/salvo,s shop. :(
had a better loook it looks like galv to me be no good under a nasa with the galv plus i say it has been solderd so the solder may melt and the think would leak plus noraml solder used on galv is 50/50 tin and lead and acid is used on the galv to kill the coating of a bit
Thanx for all your help guys, i think I will search for somthing more suited. I am in the dog house for purchasing keep kool cooler with manifold and ss ball valve, about 160 all up. I am a little lucky though because an american friend has just moved back to the gold coast and has brought with him a complete turkey fryer set up including ss pot. he will loan this to me for awhile until i get set up. I think I wish i knew where i could get some kegs in brissy for cheap.
it would make good cladding if u wanted to insulate another pot or keg to use as a mash tun.

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