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G'day all,
I have just managed to get a 50lt SS vessel ;) from the local 'dump shop' so my plans of going plastic / electric have now changed.
Haven't decided yet whether to use this item as the HLT or brew pot however I would still like to ask for advice on a couple of things:

- good quality thermometer to fit to it, any suggestions?

- is electric still a viable option or now that I have the SS 'pot' is gas the go?

- are all these HP burners everyone talks about available from BBQ's Gallore type stores? I've asked the question of the local retailers up this way and get nothing but vauge looks and comments of "provide a part number and we'll check for you".
If gas is the 'way to go' I'd probably sorce a burner from Grain & Grape but freight then becomes an issue for up this way.

I plan on using SS fittings (atleast we have Bunnings up this way), all I need to do is find someone willing to weld it all up for me for the right price.

Apologies for the questions but I've done the searches and made the calls. We don't seem to have the supply network up this way that you guys from 'down south' have.
NT :beer:
Hey NT, I'd be suprised if Bunnings carried S/S fitting ( they don't here) but brass is just as good and you don't need to weld it just use bulkhead fittings with washers.
If you plan to use the vessel as a HLT then I would go electric, a lot easier to add a temp controller down the track :) , if you plan to use it as a boiler then gas is the go with a high pressure burner, for a nice vigourous boil. My bBQ galore carries them, but camping world is cheaper.

Check out US ebay for thermometers they are always available and a lot cheaper than hear, you will find a few topics on this site so just do a search for info.

My thoughts would be to not 'waste' a good stainless pot on an electric HLT. You can make an electric HLT out of anything, plastic, copper, spring steel (what hot water systems are made from) or even a wooden barrel.

If pots are hard to come by, your kettle is priority number 1. If you get a false bottom or mesh tube etc for it, you can use it as a mash tun as well as a kettle (sparge into another container, eg fermenters, after the mash).

Gas is faster and cheaper for heating, so one of those burners will serve you well. Try asking for an 'outdoor' propane burner that takes the high pressure regulator. They should know what you mean from that, you need a special reg for the powerful ones. Alternatively the heavy cast iron ones work pretty well (get the big 4-ring one) - they don't need a reg.

You can brew with 1 pot and 1 burner, but not if you modify the pot into an electric HLT.

Thanks all for the quick replies.

AndrewQLD - yeah I asked the Bunnings trade counter guys - response was "we might be able to order something for U". Good ol' Yellow pages here I come.

Thanks mate for that site. They look great. I'll be contacting them tomorrow.

Thanks for the advise.
Let's just say the "50lt SS pot" needs to be de-pressurised and the top cut out of it. :ph34r: (yes I did pay good folding stuff for it - no midnight run down the street) so I will set it up as the kettle. I may be able to get my hands on a 30lt electric urn shortly for the HLT anyway.
I'll give BBQ's Galore a call tomorrow and re-phrase my question. Never know your luck in the big city.
I have a good size esky for the mash tun and have almost finished my copper manifold.
The March pump is sitting here in its' box.
Slowly, slowly closer to my AG set up.

Thanks again all.
NT, sweet !!

sounds like its all coming together. i might need to come to your place for the next demo :)

oh, i've done the drive around for temp controllers, i think it would be faster to order one rather then get those vacant expressions or build your own.

Sounds good!

FWIW, I've been using the same pot as a mash tun and kettle for ages. I have a topless keg here but my 1 main pot has a false bottom and spigot, which makes it best for both uses.

It adds a bit of time onto the brewday as I don't get that head-start on the boil, so I will try to properly convert my keg soon!
Once I have the system sorted and a brew or two under my belt the invite will go out - no dramas about that.
Yes I'm slowly getting all the bits together - problem is too many shiny toys and not enough folding stuff.
Ah time for another beer (I've been very slack brewing wise - it's commercial trash in an aluminium can - no colour mentioned - don't want to start riot :unsure: )
it's commercial trash in an aluminium can - no colour mentioned - don't want to start riot unsure.gif )

No colour hey? I was in NT last year and GREEN cans were everywere :blink: Darwin has a few good pubs that serve a choice other then the beer [if you call it that] in green cans.
I love the NT :) everybody loves a drink.

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