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Hi All. First 2 brews started.

Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by NUMB, 19/11/19.


  1. NUMB


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    Posted 19/11/19
    Hi all.
    On Tuesday I started an Ale brew and within several hours it started bubbling away and am happy.
    - Morgans Pacific Pale Ale 1.7kg tin
    - Morgans Master Malt Wheat 1.5kg tin
    - yeast that came with tin
    bubbling away happily at 26 C

    on the day before ( Monday ) I started a Larger and still it is not bubbling.
    - Coopers European Larger tin
    - " brew blend #20 " 1kg
    - yeast Saflager w34/70 11.5g

    The Larger is in a fridge at a controlled temp between 12-14 C ( added yeast at 24 C )

    should I be concerned that it is not bubbling yet like the Ale ?
    or is it that Largers take a bit longer to kick off ?
    the Ale I really mixed the yeast in well and air rated for a good 30 sec before putting lid on.
    the larger I just put yeast on top gave a little stir then put lid on.

    should I open the lid on the Larger and give it a really good stir ?
    or just be patient ?
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