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Hello all. I am brewing a beer that will hopefully be similar to Hoegaarden Grand Cru. It's based on Papazian's "Who's in the Garden Grand Cru" but I'm adding some grain malt, some wheat and more honey to get it closer to Hoegaarden GC's 8.7%abv from the original recipe's 7%.

The original recipe calls for 2.8kg pale LME; to which I've added an extra 1.5kg pilsener malt and 1.5kg pale wheat malt. Instead of 1.2kg honey, I'm now using 1.5kg. I'm not a very experienced brewer, so I'm not sure how much I need to increase the other ingredients by. I'm using 14g orange peel, 42g coriander and hallertauer hops @ 4.6%aa. - 39.5g then 12.5g and 17g to finish. Can someone suggest a factor by which to increase the other ingredients? I want to keep the perceived hop/peel/coriander levels similar to that of the original recipe, and I'm not sure if I should increase them directly in proportion with the malt or what. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks! :D

~ Heebs.
Have you put the recipe through any software? Most will work out things in proportion to how you need to finish.

Trythis link, its a well worn path but its a good one
Thanks for the link. It's telling me the IBU for the original unaltered recipe is 5, which I find hard to believe...So I don't think I can really trust its calculations for this beer.
Post the recipe you have so far.

It's a bit hard to say how much to increase ingredients without seeing how it started out.

btw, welcome to AHB

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