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just bottled a dunkel, bulk primed with a volume of 20lts, worked out to be 170gms dex with 1 cup water.... i usually brew to end up with 20lts into the bottling cube less trub etc, but forgot this batch was a smaller volume.... I only ended up with about 46x330ml bottles, which is about 15.1lts... but bulk primed as if it was 20....

i have the bottles stored safely away in a sealed container should the worse happen....

should i:

option A - don't worry, weizen's need higher carb anyway guy, relax....
option b - uncap after a few days and recap
option c - discard solider, them there bombs....

thanks in advance for the help.


p.s. it was a no chill :ph34r:
Store a few of them in a spot warmer than the rest. Test after 1 week, then 2 weeks, then reassess.

You might be ok, but they might be highly carbed indeed!
no idea how accurate it would be, but this calculator says you'll be up for approx 3.6 volumes of CO2. you may have fluked it right into style.

Oh snap. Fingers crossed. The gravity readings tasted spot on during fermentation, ill be spewin if I have rooted it.

Great suggestion also raven. Cheers will give it a go.

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