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Well its three years since I received a Coopers Homebrew Starter Kit from my brother for Christmas. I had a look through my records today:

44 batches of beer brewed, of which:

- 24 Kits and Bits
- 7 Extract
- 13 Partial Mash

- 7 Lagers
- 7 Wheats
- 9 Pale Ales
- 2 Amber Ales
- 4 English Ales
- 4 IPA's
- 8 Dark Ales
- 3 Strong Ales

Other thoughts:
- Only one really undrinkable batch, a Russian Imperial Stout with enough fusels to power an aeroplane. Its still 'aging'.........
- A couple of 1st prizes at various comps (Wauchope Show, Camden Haven Show, Australian Amateur Brewing Championships!)
- Still about 10 beers on the 'To Brew' List and no end to other ideas
- Over 1100 beers bottled in Coopers PET's. No bottle bombs, no big infection issues. Not tempted to keg as I can choose from a bigger number of beers at any one time (currently have 14 different beers in the fridge)
- Lagers have all been problematic. I am thinking of going down the pseudo-lager/US-05 route next
- The biggest improvements have been yeast health (aeration, nutrient, pitching rates and starters), temp control, and partial mashing.

Here's cheers to a few more years of brewing!
I'll drink to that.
Cheers.............................................. :beerbang:

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