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Ok, i have researched each friggin grain mill at great length. The valley Mill, The marga mill, Phil mill, corona mill JSP malt mill etc and for value for money the Barley Crusher seems to be the best option on the market, however after reading user reviews about the Crankandstein CGM-2A
it also appears to be an awesome little machine. The barley crusher comes with all of the goodies where the crank just comes with the crank. Im gonna buy one which one folks?????
They will all do the job. Buy the one that best fits your needs.

If you can't be bothered to build a base, hopper and handle then the choice is pretty simple-Barley crusher.

If you like to build stuff or want to make a custom sort of mill base/hopper then the Crankstein.

There is little to decide here. Both do the job and do it well, you will not be disappointed with either one.

FWIW I have a Barley Crusher and can't fault it. The knurling on the rollers pretty savage but my efficiency is good, I never get a stuck sparge and it feeds and crushes excellent. Mine is powered by a windscreen wiper motor, which is slow but gives an excellent crush and who's in a rush anyway.

Buy whichever one you like.

Cheers, JD
I also have the Barley Crusher. Couldn't be happier with it. Gives a good crush and runs through the grain pretty quickly. I drive mine with my cordless drill. It fits a 10mm chuck.
Did you order it from US, how much and how long did it take? You guys sold me. Thanx for your help on this.
Like you I spent a fair bit of time researching the mill debate. I think if you stick to a roller mill and the ones you mentioned you won't go wrong they all seemed to me to be great mills. I ended up with the 2A Crank. I used for the first time the other day and had it hooked up to the drill and it went like a charm. I use to buy my grain crushed. The crush I had with the crank was just like my HBS. I can highly reccommed it. Fred from Crankandstein was of great help with any questios that I had as well.
I was lucky enough to pick mine up fromk another local brewer (Chiller), as he was going to the USA and getting a new one when he was there. However, I had made enquiries direct to BC before this and they seemed pretty good and responsive. If you flick them an email they will get back to you quickly with shipping options.
I've got a BC and it was here super quick, from memory I ordered it on the thursday and monday morning (maybe tues?) it was on my doorstep.

Only just put the drill onto it and it's a super little mill.. very happy with it.
Go hard or go home :beerbang:

Crankandstein 3D with SS rollers and 1/2inch shaft!
I've got the crankenstien too, great mill, great service.
I'm with Kirem on this one, I just ordered the same spec Cranknstein.

Go with one that suits your budget and that you like.
Fred has done well this week :party:
I'm in the process of ordering the same unit (Crankandstein 3D with SS rollers and 1/2inch shaft :beerbang: )

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