Grain Bill Review - 23 Litre Batches

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I'd also save the golden promise for a nice English bitter, pale or IPA (or us pale or IPA). Use pils for a european wheat as your other base malt unless you have a particular desire to bring the character of English pale malts to a continental wheat/wit.

As for Warra's comments above - I would say it depends a lot on your hop schedule but if your bittering level is low then he's pretty much on the money. 500g crystal (presuming 20-22 L volume) will work if you have a good bittering addition and basic grist otherwise but may be too much for some beers.

I'm with Kev - the rest of the recipe or at very least, the type/style/aim of recipe and likely hop schedules with each would make it a bit easier to offer better advice.

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