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I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I cannot mash that
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South Australia
I am thinking about getting a SBS fridge/freezer I found in the trading post with my tax return. I'm thinking about making the fridge section for kegs, and the freezer section to be turned into a fermenting fridge. How would I be able to make the freezer cool at the higher temperatures? Would it damage the freezer?

Depending on the size of the fridge and freezer compartments it might be easier to use the freezer section for kegs and fridge section for fermenting. Your could do this by placing the thermostat probe in the freezer, this would keep it at what ever temp you set your thermostat and the fridge section will be at a higher temp. Not sure what temp this would make the fridge, maybe 10 - 15C.

Jye :beer:
Sounds like an interesting idea... So, the freezer side will cool both sides, but (obviously) the fridge side will be warmer... interesting. I'll give that a bit of thought.

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