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Hi All,

Question for those plumbers out there with Gas experience/ticket.

Not 100% brewing related but this is to do with running a gas fridge that will house homebrew and considering many people use gas to boil with may be helpful for others in the future.

I have a gas fridge that I have in my camp trailer, which has a bayonet fitting on the end of the hose, now I would like to be able to use this fridge outside of the camper, when camping with a tent (but will be kept outside of the tent!!) or to use as a spare fridge for a party or similar.

However I need to adapt a female bayonet fitting, which comes as a floor fitting, to fit a gas regulator. I have checked a spare bbq reg that I have to the one on my trailer and they are the same ratings (flow rate etc) and got my hands on a new female floor fitting that has a 1/2" female BSP thread on the bottom of it, and the reg itself has a female 3/8" what I assume is also BSP thread on it.

Off I went to bunnings, I had bought the floor fitting at Eagles plumbing and did not have the reg with me (doh!) ,with the plan of getting a 3/8"-1/2" BSP nipple, take it home, fit and go for it. However bunnings don't seem to carry imperial threads, only metric, got a 15mm-10mm, and remembering I had used these for water before with no issues but not sure if it will be suitable for gas.

Got home, threads seem right, put some thread tape on it (water tape) put it on the reg and floor fitting, do it up, sprayed some soapy water on it for a leak test......leaks!! BUGGER.

So the questions are:

- Is the 15mm - 10mm Nipple suitable? or do I indeed to source a 3/8"-1/2" imperial nipple, if so I shall head to the plumbing store in the morning. It seems strange that the metric and imperial sizes would be the "same".
- What is the difference between Gas and Water thread tape? I assume gas tape should be used.

Any info one can shed on this would be fantastic and ofcourse safety is the main reason I want to get it correct, thus the leak tests, but I'm not going to go and hunt down a plumber to get them to put one fitting together now am I.

Cheers, Pok

EDIT - just noticed the reg itself is leaking. Will need to get a new one :(, But questions above still stand.


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