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Fruit Beer

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MERRY BEERY - alias Fruit Beer.

As alot of people are talking about brewing with fruits - lemons, oranges etc- i thought that I would post my first fruit beer recipee.

Coopers Canadian Blonde - Light beer because i want the fruit flavour to come through.
1 kg of dextrose.
approx 250gms of loganberries/raspberies.
1 teaspoon of CInamon.
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg and cloves.

Boil sugar, spices and berries in saucepan with 5ltrs of water for 20mins. Crush fruit. Pour into fermenter without straining.
Ferment for 10 days - rack....not enough fruit flavour.
add another 250gms of fruit (loganberries & raspberries) that has had boiled water poured over it
Crush fruit through a sieve into secondary.
This started fermentation again. Racked again after 7 days.
Tasted - still not enough berry flavour - run out of home made fruit. Can't get raspberries/loganberies at the supermarket.
Buy 2 jars of 4 fruit spread - berry mix - 95% fruit (black & red raspberies, blue berries and black berries - keep it in the same berry family)

Pour jar contents into saucepan with boiling water - mix well - then pour into fermenter...stir gently.
Leave a week - taste - added one handful of cascade hops and 2 teaspoons gypsum.
Left a week...bottle 24Dec2002 - called MERRY BEERY.

Sample after 2 weeks...beutiful pink coloured beer. Has enough fruit flavour without being over powering - replaces with beer flavour and just enough cascade hops (you know it is still a beer)...finishes clean and crisp.

Very refreshing and nice. No idea what alcohol %....

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