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hi all, well its happened again. kegs have frozen in the keezer. stc1000 is set at 8 degrees with the .5 variation. the keezer has been in operation for the last 2 months and freezer was about 2 yrs old. bottle of milk and water also frozen. could it be the temp control or is it to do with these 30+ days we are having at the moment up here in toowoomba? any one else experiencing the same problem? all advice greatly appreciated.

cheers scooza.
tricache said:
I would see where you are taking your temp from. Might be a problem.
the stc was set at 3degrees previously and never had a problem. temp probe in the same spot
Assuming it was set to 8 degrees above and not below zero, I would check the STC by calibrating it with some ice cubes in water. While stirring it, the ice cubes bring the water down to pretty much zero degrees and it should be an accurate enough method to detect such wide deviations that you are experiencing.

Also, if the kegs are much closer to the cooling elements than the sensor that would cause some minor discrepancies but I wouldn't think it would be more than a few degrees.


Do you have more full kegs in there than usual?

Thus the kegs acting as a cooling component as well.

I find my keezer always serves colder beer when it is full of full kegs then say if there is one in there...

Where is the temp probe? my money is you are not measuring the kegs... measuring Elvis's butt may work in winter, but not in summer.
I've had similar probs a few times. Had a keg pouring nicely and took it over to mates during the week. Must have been the change in pressure or bumping in the car. when I reconnected was iced up.
Some people hook up a PC fan to circulate air. I bought one for it, perhaps I should connect it up eh.
When I remember I tape the probe to one of the fuller kegs seems to stabilise temp a bit better. Don't do it on a warm keg though.
Cheers Mudd

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