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I just bought a new fridge/kegerator, everything fits nicely inside even the cube and the 2 kegs.

My question is that it has been fitted with a new thermostat (chinese I expect), what should I expect the turn on / turn off difference to be?

Currently it turns off at 3 Deg and turns on at approx. 8 Deg. Is a 5 deg swing acceptable or normal?
I'm using a STC100 at air temp in the fridge to do the readings, is this also realistic? (the stc is for my fermenter fridge).

Thanks in advance.
On a standard domestic fridge the differential is generally about 3-4c. Ie off at 1 and on at 4 or 5.
Thanks for the replies, looks like another STC is the go.

Pity the thermostats are not "setable".

is the thermostat set to the lowest setting? Does it have a dial?

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