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Free Beer... (oxidised)

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I got left with a 6er of *a certain brand of beer* that was replaced to to oxidation issues. It's not a great beer when oxidised, so that's not what I'm offering here. Having never really identified oxidation in a beer before, I now know for certain what it tastes like. In a clean beer like a German Pils the cardboard-esque flavour stands out like a sore thumb.

So, for anyone interested in a free chance to really understand what oxidation tastes like, let me know. It's the only use I can think of for these beers (they aren't undrinkable, but certainly not pleasant).

*No slant on this brewery or the beer. It's fantastic, and they are very concerned with making sure that people recieve their beer how they intend it to taste, as can be seen through their replacement of this bad batch.
Sure I'm interested to see what oxidised beer taste like just incase I need to know at some point. Are you able to post it or is it pick up only?

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