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For Sale:pluto Gun

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Bring back Bum.
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For Sale:

Pluto Beer Gun with beer line and quick disconnect.
The item has not been used for a few years. The beer gun was cleaned and sanitised prior to storing, however purchaser may wish to check seals prior to initial use.

Price: $50, including postage to anywhere in Australia.

Included in the sale for free are 2 New Chrome Plated Beer Taps with Elbow Shanks and Beer Line.
The items came with a kegerator but were not used as I already had taps and shanks. As these components have never been used, I cannot vouch for their performance or quality. The taps, shanks and line will be posted in the same Australia Post Satchel with the pluto gun and disconnect.

2012_01_21_16.32.22.JPG 2012_01_21_16.30.20.JPG

edit: please ignore the picture of the Rogue beer. I tried to remove it but failed.


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