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For Sale: Guten 40Litre 2020 edition (Newcastle area) $300

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I'm selling my 40 litre Guten. Its done 9 brews without skipping a beat. Includes spare mesh screen, hop spider, SS immersion chiller and whirlpool attachment.

No issues and its in great condition.

  • capacity: 30 litre (total volume to water line = 40 litre)
  • ideal size: dimensions brewing kettle H x W = 57.5 x 35 cm
  • stainless steel AISI 304
  • power: adjustable from 100 to 2,500W, in 100W increments
  • SST malt pipe holds up to 8 kg, with adjustable SST screens and removable handle for lifting
  • integrated SST circulation pipe with SST valve for regulating flow
  • integrated magnetic drive pump, can be operated separately
  • programmable controller with digital display
  • programme up to 9 brewing steps and up to 9 hop additions
  • alarm/reminder function & manual override function
  • memory for saving up to 9 recipes
  • temperature range: 25 100°C; division: 0.1°C
  • clear LCD screen
  • removable SST ball valve ½” with nozzle
  • glass lid
  • 220-240V, 50Hz
  • SS Immersion Chiller
  • Hop Spider

Selling because I'm getting a Grainfather
Asking for $300

edit: feel free to make an offer. Thought I’d put it here before wading into gumtree
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