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Batz Brewery...Hand crafted beers from the 'Batcav
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OK I recieved my new Valley Mill just in time for Xmas , so now my trusty Porkett corona type mill is for sale.
It's in perfect condition and would suit someone just getting into partial grain
I am after $65.00 plus postage to where ever you are , can give you the weight etc
Whoops wrong piccy
Story behind the other's the mill
hahahahaha, I reckon the item in the first pic would cut through the grain pretty quick too :D

Batz im interested, how much are they new? Why did you upgrade? How much p&h to SA
And your leg Doc
More piccys or info email me
I went for a Valley Mill , and perhaps you will to if you go AG and have to crack 5KG plus , still does the job and after all it's $65.00 and not $280
Weighs in at around 4KG
Looking up the Australia Post site
To Adelaide $18.90
Sorry Wedge around $100 new , see what your HBS can do
but does it still smell of ground fish :D

merry xmas batz good to see you got the valley mill in time for xmas

big d

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