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Hey guys,
just wondering if anyone has had any success with any other types of concentrates added after fermentation and also what types they used.
also considering trying canned fruit in the fermentation process and wondering if anyone has had any good results/flavours using canned fruits without a concentrate at the end.

P.S talking about cider here.
Search fruit beer or look in the 'non beer brewing' threads. More cider topics than u can shake a stick at. Ive done quitr a few. The principle is the basicly the same for beer and cider. Add affter primary fermentation is complete.
I've used the craftbrewer natural fruit extracts in the past. They go a long way and do a pretty good job of girling up your beer.

I made a Boysenberry Hefeweizen once that could undress a lady by aroma alone.

Highly recommended. Just don't overdo it - a quarter of a bottle in a 20L batch is heaps.
I have a chocolate porter fermenting at the moment, after primary I'm going to rack half on to some blueberry fruit. The fruit is commercially produced fruit mix comes in 15kg goon bags I got it from work where they mix it in with yoghurts to make them flavoured.
Im going to add about 500g of fruit for 10kg how does this sound to people.
I thought it might give it a chocolate blueberry muffin taste or it will taste like shit. Next I will stick to something a little more conventional like a mango or passion fruit lager.
Will let you know how it goes

Cheers Stu
I recently added the runnings from some cascade hops and crystal malt boiled for 20 mins to an apple cider.
Whatever you add, check if it has any fermentable sugar and make sure you ferment out first if bottling.