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As if I haven't travelled enough already this year <_< !

I am going on a course in Wollongong from the 6th to the 9th of December. Staying at Rydges. I have a free day on Monday the 5th and I will be driving from Sydney to the Gong in the morning.
I plan to spend the majority of the afternoon and maybe the evening of the 5th at The Five Islands so if anyone would like to catch up over a beer or 10 and talk brewing or Laser technology then lets do it.

I know it's a little early but prior planning prevents piss poor performance!

If i still lived down that way TDA i would join you....
seeing though its not a weekend there isnt much chance of me being down for any reason either..!
enjoy the brewery... the jury is still out for me on some of their beers! i think the wheat had an infection last time i was there, so give it a good sampling and let me know.
Gotto agree with you on the Wit, it was pretty foul when I tried it. The pilsner was a bit honey flavoured also...
I don't like all of their beers, but I like the enthusiasm of the owner, Mick Bolt. Not too many guys around that own a micro, show up to pull a few beers, and tell people about what they are drinking!
I can think of at least two places in Sydney that would do a lot better if the standard of the service, matched the quality of the beer and the pride shown by the brewers.
Mark ,

With all this bad press the brewery is getting you may change you mind for a Sydney brewery.The Gong is a a bit tricky for me

Whatever you choose I would like to come and have a beer with you .

Working in the Gong does have its perks.
I have been conducting a detailed survey (well ive been drinking there a lot) and I have decided that the Shark Oil IPA is probably the most reliable beer they have. All the others tend to vary in quality from batch to batch.
seems weird they cant keep a brew fairly consistent.... the person i was drinking with still lives in the area and mentioned that the wit didnt normally tatste like that.
but when i questioned the bar manager... he stated its FINE maybe a little green, but that is how its meant to be.
(i'd stop production then......)
Guys, i've had the wheat, the porter, the Shark oil, and the pils, and i have enjoyed them all, everytime. Even though im fairly local, i dont go as much as i would like to, but like i said, ive never had a problem with their beers. TDA, dont let them put you off your "research" :D
i still highly recommended the research..! of course
If you are in Wollongong, you may like to check out the Lagoon Seafood restaurant in Stuart park. They have a comrehensive beer list with beers from Afghanistan all the way through the alphabet to Zimbabwe. Well maybe not that comprehensive but they have at least 70 beers, and quite a few of those are from Belgium.
hey TDA,
hope you enjoy the trip and the beers at five islands. if you get to talk to the brewer there, his name is tim, he is a "regular" on beeradvocate and seems pretty passionate about his beers. im sure he wouldnt mind some informed feedback on the beer and just a chat in general. cheers.
I spose it's all personal preference, but I loved the Five Islands Brewery when I was last there. I was drinking Shark Oil(?), and it was great. The next time we're in the gong, I'll definitely be visiting again.
It's also a beautiful pub to be in.
Your on...the wife and I will be there round 8-8.30 pm if it not too late??? might have din-din's there too
Would love to come and have a beer with you TDA, but that is one hell of a hike from my joint on a school night (100 odd Km's and a couple of hours each way).
This is the second time we have been so close, but yet so far away.
I'll toast to you from NW Sydney.

I'm about 10 clicks from the 5 Islands. I haven't been there in ages, as the brew didn't quite grab me when I first tried 'em. With a twist of the arm, I might get down there (on a school night) and see how the Porter Kembla is fairing these days. That was my favourite brew. Great bar, nice staff and one of NSW's larger micros. I wouldn't disuade anyone from trying it. I can't get there until about 7:30pm (work in Sydney).
Go on PM, the first meeting of the NSWTAB assoc??? B)
Thanks for the response from everyone.

mje1980, none of what has been said so far has put me off. I like to be the judge as we all have different palletes(sp)! Plus I am on expenses so it's not like I will be out of pocket!

Doc, you can crash in my room if you wish to make the trip. Otherwise I am sure we will catch up soon :blink:

Pumpy, Linz and PoMo, no problems with the times. Maybe I will hold off on the afternoon session. I will bring this back up nearer the time.

Tim, thanks for the tip on the Lagoon Seafood place, will go there for dinner one night.

joecast, I will try and organise a brew tour in the arvo, thanks.

...having complained about the bad beers, I did enjoy the Shark Oil and Porter Kembla so not all is lost :)
I'll see if I can make it, only a $10 cab fare from my place :D

I have enjoyed most of the beers there, except the dapto draught.. that was not too great at all. It's a good place to drink though, nice food there too.
Infected wheat hhahahaha. Thats how it supposed to taste. banana, cloves and phenols?

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