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First BIAB! help with some all-grain recipes.

Discussion in 'Partial Mash Brewing' started by migi, 5/10/18.


  1. migi


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    Posted 5/10/18
    Hi guys,
    After 5 extract brews I am thinking to go for mini BIAB using the classic 19L pot. I have two recipes in mind, both all grain, that I want to convert to partial-mash. The recipes are, excluding the hops for simplicity:

    Recipe 1, from Zymurgy, 21L:
    - 3.6kg Maris Otter pale malt
    - 454g quick oatmeal/quick oats
    - 454g English Crystal malt
    - 225g Belgian aromatic malt
    - 795 Agave extract
    - Yeast: White lab Cry Havoc.
    OG 1.063.
    FG 1.016

    Recipe 2, clone of the original Little creatures, 23L:
    - 4.4kg Pale Malt (2 Row) UK (5.9 EBC)
    - 1.21kg Munich Malt (17.7 EBC)
    - 330gr Carafoam (3.9 EBC)
    - 330gr Wheat Malt, Ger (3.9 EBC)
    - Yeast: Wyeast Labs #1056
    OG. 1.057
    FG. 1.010

    What I think to do.

    Recipe 1:
    - 1.5kg LME light (e.g. cooper light)
    - 1.875 + 454g oat + 454g crystal + 225g Belgian = 3kg in the BAG
    OG of 1.070 and FG of 1.022 (brewersfriend)
    Process: All the grain in the bag, mash for 60min. After 60 min, add the LME and the agave extract and start with the hops.

    I have used the 0.75 ratio for grain-LME from the book "How to brew, Palmer".

    Should I separate the crystal and aromatic malt for a steeping bag instead mash?
    Using brewersfriend calc, it gives me a OG of 1.069,FG of 1.022 for the all-gran recipe and a OG of 1.070,FG of 1.022 for the partial-mash. Why? Should I reduce the oats or something? IBU 22 is OK?
    19L pot is enough big for mash 3Kg of grain? 12L of strike water is OK?

    - 3Kg LME light (e.g. cooper light/briess pilsner)
    - 400g pale malt + 1.2kg Munich Malt + 330g caragom + 330g wheat = 2.250kg in the BAG.
    Same process than before.

    Again, using brewersfriend, it gives me a OG of 1.030,FG of 1.008 for the all-gran recipe (2.97ABV) and a OG of 1.049,FG of 1.012 for the partial-mash (4.82ABV). Why is so lower in the all-grain?

    Any advices in general? Many thanks!

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