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Thanks to all on this forum,

especially the guys in the chat room for their inspiration and encouragement to get into AG,

I have taken the leap, and tonight brewed Jayse' SFPA :D

Thanks all, and here's some pics..



Way to go Crispy - a full on beer, on a full on burner - a truly impressive way to start.

Must be something in the air today in Adelaide, two virgin ag'ers taking the leap into the dark side.
Well done crispy - How did ya numbers come in ????
Those burners are the dogs nuts !!!! I am hanging to find time to do my next AG......

Go you south aussie good thing !!!!!!!!!!!!

Good onya Crispy! Hope it all went well for you.

There appears to be a bit of a rush on new AG brewers in Adelaide at the moment. Maybe there's something in the water?? ;)

Jeez that burner looks the biz! Where can I get one? Fire brigade? Counter-terrorist unit?

i love that pot!! where did you find one that size?

Thanks to info provided by Chiller and Jayse,

I picked up the burner ($27) and pot from "Globe Importers" on Magill Rd.
The pot is Aluminium, 60 Litre, cost was $90

The reg. came from Maxbilt on Buelah Rd, Norwood.

When at Maxbilt I noticed they also had the pots also, 60, 90 & 120 litre, don't know what their price was though.


- JSB,

I was out a bit on the calcs, and volume was down a fault naturally.

I planned on 1.051 in 23 litres in the fermenter

I got 1.049 in 21.5 litres

All in all, I was quite pleased to be this close on my first try.

Certainly had fun, and probably too many beers for a wednesday night ... :lol:


Crispy, you and Stu are legends.

Well done.

Now answer this honestly.

Can you stop thinking about your next brew? and the one after that ...... and the one after that ........... and the one after !!

No, Chiller, I can't. :p

I have a list of beers as long as my arm that I'd like to try.....

SWMBO has ordered a Belgian that will be next, :huh:

Think I might have to sneak a few new fermenters (and a couple more kegs) into the house when no-one is looking :lol:


For the wit, get spelt (old type of wheat) from Goodies for Grains at the Central Market or similar place.

The spelt has a husk, which modern wheats don't, and you will not get a stuck sparge. The wit will taste good, too

Jovial Monk

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