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Firestone Keg for trade

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So, turns out my newly acquired 21 litre Firestone keg won't quite fit in my kegerator.

I'd like to swap it for an 18 or 19 litre ball lock corny. (ideally with seals in useable condition)


The keg itself is nice and clean, but could do with some new seals. It has ball lock fittings.

I'm in Berowra, NSW and would like to avoid an unnecessarily long drive if at all possible. (I'd like to avoid driving altogether actually)

Send me a PM if you're interested.
See you in a bit then. Btw how did that beer turn out.
Looks like my random rogue infection has turned up again. As tasting so good too before I went to bottle it and found the white layer on top.
I'm working the next couple of days till Monday
It's still cc'ing. I'm going to keg and force carb, then bottle one or two and then dry hop the keg with some fresh victoria and bottle one or two, then we can compare.
Cool sounds good. Did I end up sending the recipe

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