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Hello everyone this is my first post and am looking for some help.

I have built a insulated box large enough for two fermenters, i have thermostat controlled immersion heaters so keeping my beer warm is no problem but i am trying to find a way to cool my fermentation box for largers and/or when the vic weather decides its 100 degrees suddenly.

I have researched Peltier coolers and using bottles of ice but cant decide on what is easier/more efficient plus I'm on a budget and lets face it lazy

Im sure there are plenty of experienced people that can help me and if there is already a thread that tackles this please direct me to it

P.S if my spelling or grammar is off its because ive had a few hahaha

P.P.S I would like to thank people on this site for all the info and am sorry for not joining in till now
just keep bottles of ice up to the box to keep temps down.

best bet is to locate a cheap fridge and get temp control as soon as you can.
Welcome aboard

Best to me is a fermenting fridge. It's efficient at cooling, and easy to control. Often you can pick up an old ugly fridge free or pretty close to it.

Otherwise you could just wrap it up with blankets/jumpers etc and use ice blocks. But you need to manually check on it, and you do get some temp fluctuations.

Another idea is "Son of Fermentation Chiller", see heaps built, but no-one seems to use them after a year or two. Same issues stuffing around with ice bricks etc.

I use the ice brick for a few months, before getting a fridge. The fridge is soo much easier.

I recently picked up 2 free fridges in a week. One is now used for fermenting with a fridgemate and the larger one for chilling my kegs. If your going to be brewiing regulalrly you really want the automated control without the hastle of using ice and blankets. There are often free fridges on sites such as gumtree or if not they might be $50 or so. Keep an eye out.
I used to use a large bucket with bottles of ice in and a towel over it to keep the temp down, but like the others have said, you can pick up and old bar fridge or similar for a few bucks and a fridge mate, you will set up for a long time. Plus it will give you the option to do Lagers and cold condition them.

Thanks for the feedback guys I guess I'll keep my eye out for a fridge and will use ice blocks for now
as you can see from THIS LINK some people round here are pretty damn serious about fridges...

I have 3 temp controled ones and just said to the missus the other day,

"you know what I need? A dedicated Beer fridge, (Reads + yeast and hops)"

reply was " :blink: you have 3 of them "

"aah No my love, they are 'brewing fridges".... :lol:

Controlled fridges rock, when you do get on the next thing you will need is one of THESE STC-1000 DEVICES

Dead easy to put together and will give you peace of mind.


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