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Hey there,
I was wondering if anyone can help me out - as I have been researching this issue and cant seem to find a hard and fast answer.

First of all, I am an absolute newbie at brewing. I have gone out and bought most of the gear that you need and intend to use the packet stuff (coopers/mangrove jack etc) until I get the hang of things. I am probably going to set up the fermenters in my garage, when I finally feel comfortable enough to do it.

I ran a couple of tests recently to see what the ambient water temp was where I wanted to set up. 'Measure twice cut once right?' The test was a basically filling up a 1 litre container - with about 750ml of tap water then mixing in about 250ml of boiling. I did this to measure the temp drop off in that environment. from 40 deg c it took about 50 min to drop to the temp it has held since which is about 14 deg.

Since then I have been taking measurements both in the morning, afternoon and at night and the water temp seems to hold a consistent 14 deg.

From what I have read, at that temp (14 deg) its probably just over lager territory but also just under ale brewing temp. Also, do the recommended fermentation temps 13C-14C for LAGERS, (with a 3-4 week fermentation time) and 18C-20C for ALES (with a 2-3 week fermentation time) accommodate for the increase in temperature (in the water) as a result of fermentation?

Put another way are the temps listed above the entry temps for Lager/Ale or is that the consistent temp?

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