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I've put a brew of esb bav lager kit on 1 1/2 days ago but still can see no sign of fermentation. ie no sediment, no airlock activity or krausen. I used a pasket of saflager w34/70 with no starter. Its sitting at a constant 12degC and was 21degC at time of pitching yeast (probably took about 4-5 hours to drop down to 12). OG was 1036.
Should I keep waiting or is there something wrong here?


I'd give it another day or so. Pitch another sachet if there is still no activity...

But in future, you should consider rehydrating dry yeasts so that you know they are viable before you pitch them.
I find yeasts start really slowly, especially if you dont make a starter. In general lagers do things much more slowly than ales.

Dont stress about it, but if nothing happens in the next day or 2, consider adding some more yeast.
Corey said:
...you should consider rehydrating dry yeasts so that you know they are viable before you pitch them.

I'm having the same problems as vlbaby reported, so I'll keep it in the same thread. Differences: Can Cooper's Lager, Saflager S-23 yeast, rehydrated and pitched at 21C (ambient) and reduced to 10C at -0.75C/hr. No activity after 18hrs, raised temp to 12C at +0.5C/hr. No activity after 24hrs, SG=OG=1046. Rehydrated second packet S-23 at 4C and pitched.

(1) How does rehydrating tell you the yeast is viable? It made it all a bit sludgy, but I didn't see anything exciting. I understand you can 'proof' the yeast at this stage by giving it some DME, but I think this is different to rehydrating.
(2) Judging by replies to vlbaby's questions, which I read after my second pitch, it seems I've been a bit hasty?
(3) Should I quit now & buy some Carlton Cold? :(

Any advice would be appreciated.
Don't stress about seeing activity in the airlock. I have had brews go through and not seen one bubble. Use your hydrometer and take some measurements. That is the way to make sure what is going on. If the gravity is dropping it is probably fermenting. If the gravity is not dropping chances ar it is not fermenting.

So make some measurements and if it hasn't moved give it a couple of days then try again. If it still hasn't moved you may need to pitch some more yeast. Just don't rely on airlock activity.

Never buy Carlton Cold
Thanks, Aaron! I have also had the problems with no airlock activity. I did take SG, and it hadn't changed over 24hrs. That said, it's now almost 48hrs, and SG has dropped from 1046 to 1043. Not much, but fermentation must be occuring.

I've been a nervous wreck these last 48hrs -- it's good to have you guys to tell me to be patient. You and my wife. This is turning into a very expensive Cooper's lager (2 x $4.95 S-23). I'm going to start liquid yeast culturing very soon.

It is extremly rare for a yeast not to fire - can take several days if conditions are not perfect, ie old yeast or overly cool wort - I've been brewing for 4 years & never had a yeast not fire - & I'm sure some of the people who reckon they've had duff yeast, just haven't been patient enough or just didn't even realise it was fermenting - Patience really is a virtue in brewing 99% of the time she'll be fine....
That brew i did back then eventually kicked off ok and turned out to be a fairly good beer from memory. But I have since learned that the best way to use your yeast is to rehydrate it, or if using liquid yeast as i do now, create a starter.

Just be patient with your beer, it will ferment. As long as the temperature is right, and there is plenty of fermentable sugars ready to go, fermentation is inevitable.
Just sit back, have a beer and relax, but for gods sake, don't resort to the carlton cold. :eek:

vlbaby said:
<chopped> but for gods sake, don't resort to the carlton cold. :eek:


...for the Carlton Cold is evil...and should be treated with contempt.

Have some self-respekt..buy some Czech pils for goodness sake. :beer:

Seth out :p

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