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Does anyone happen to know of a good extract recipe for a sour beer?
If you don't hear anything, pm barls.

I believe he has made a few kit based sours with success.
Yep, Barls is the man to talk to, or just follow tallie's link. Great beer that was. Also had a few of his other sours (all grain I believe) and all very good, might still have one in the fridge, actually.

EDIT: Manticle along with a few others now a few things about sour/funky beers as well.
Also what kind of sour beer are you hoping to make?

Kriek? Gueze? Faro? Berliner Weisse?

Knowing this can help put you on the right path.
Hi All,

Thanks for your sound advice so far!!! This forum business is awesome! I'm going to try and make one for Daves Home Brew - BrewShare evening, this one is based upon Sour Beers and basically im after anything to brew that would take about 4-5 weeks to cure. Its all about experimenting at the moment for me as I am rather new to this but hopefully the more I make the more I will learn.
I think you'll be pushing it trying to get a sour out in 5-6 weeks.
Sours generally need age to become anything worthwhile. Most of my sour/funks are over a year before bottling, some closer to 2.

Might get away with a lacto-soured thingy if you can do a minimash/partial mash (sour mash or acidulated malt), normal sacch yeast to ferment out then rack onto heaps of fruit for the last 2 weeks but I reckon you'll be pushing it.

A small grain bag and a stockpot could see you do a miniBIAB to which you could add your extract.

Sour and bitter generally don't make a great combination so low alpha hops, small amounts and low IBU. Maybe a lacto-raspberryhefeweizen?
mate seriously at 5-6 weeks your better off with Berliner Weisse.
anything else is longer o make a decent one.
the one i won with was 8 months old when i force carbed it and served it.
the link was put up before with the recipe for my frambarls that won.
im currently looking at the july case swap and thinking i will be pushing it for that.

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