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Element And Thermostat For Hlt

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Batz Brewery...Hand crafted beers from the 'Batcav
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Just may be on to something , if it goes of ok I will not be finishing my "keg" HLT.

Therefore I may have for sale a 2400w heating element , thermostat to suit and a stainless bush to take the element , machined down ready to weld into a keg.

None of the bit have been used
Hey batz, how quickly will that boil 30 litres (don't force me to do the sums) and what kind of element is that?

I am planning to use my gas stove with my 40 litre pot but I reckon it is going to take a while to heat.
As it has not been fitted I can't tell you an answer for that one

It's 2400w , I got in from Helios

I am onto a 40lt urn , still chasing it.

If I can score it I'll use that for my HLT , will save welding , fitting sight glass etc.
Well I did a trial run with my new pot and gas stove yesterday. Took close to an hour to get 30 litres from 65 to rolling boil. That's a bit slow but I didn't ruin a beer finding out.
These items are not longer for sale

Cheers Batz

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