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Thought it would be a good idea for a thread for brew related e-bay items.

Here's a soda stream CO2 bottle if anyone's looking for one near Wollongong/Illawarra .
CO2 bottle
The old system at Kmart with soda stream CO2 gas bottles, to my knowledge was you had to bring in the empty bottle to get another that was refilled at a cost of $18, and they didnt let you buy them.
I asked about this...and now Kmart will sell you a gas bottle full for $30 and you dont have to trade one in, refills are at $11 now.
I know for at least the last 5 years they have been available to buy at Kmart (not sure before that) but I have bought a few alot cheaper at Salvos stores, garage sales, school fetes etc. I have managed to get them for between $5 to $10 but they're normally empty.
I fill mine from a bigger CO2 bottle - just equalises the pressure between the 2 cylinders. I did this with a half empty CO2 bottle to make sure I didn't over-pressurise the soda stream bottle as I'm not sure of the normal pressure of them when they're full.


Check out my modified regulator on this thread
The high pressure gauge broke off ages ago so I had a fitter turn up a fitting as you can see on the pic. The gauge fitting is basically a direct connection to the CO2 bottle so I connect the CO2 bottle and the soda stream bottle at the same time.
Turn on the CO2 bottle so the CO2 bottle and soda stream bottle equalize pressure.
Turn off CO2 bottle then unscrew Soda stream bottle. I now have a refilled soda stream bottle for practically nothing.
This would be much easier if I had a high pressure line that could screw directly onto the CO2 bottle and an adaptor for the soda stream bottle.

with the correct fittings johnno it can be done.trouble is finding those fittings.gmk would have some good leads to help out.
probably cheaper to ask him if he can still score andales.i scored two off gmk and am still wrapped.

big d
why would you pull it apart ?? you could use a chest freezer. What about putting a shelf on the front of the fridge and mount it to the shelf???
Thats why i am here. I wouldn't have a clue about this stuff so i'm slowly trying to get a setup together.
What about the weight of this? Would a shelf be sufficient to hold it up?
thanks for the advice so far.


that would be perfect for on top of a chest freezer.
It doesn't look too heavy to mount on the front of a fridge, I'd just make sure that the shelf was a sturdy one - not balsa wood :lol:
Looks like they are the old style chrome coated brass taps. I personally spent a bit extra on full Stainless Steel ones.

like the guys said, you will need fittings if you want in on your door, and they arn't cheap nor are they easy to score second hand!
johnno if you score this piece of great equipment a shelf/bracket/whatever could be fabricated to suit your needs.im already thinking how great it would look.
the choices are limitless.

big d B)
big d,
it now looks like my "new" secondhand fridge is on the blink :angry:
Thats the chance you take I suppose.
sure is johnno.up here in the tropics the fridges work extra hard when located outside.ive gone through quite a few so called u-beaut second hand fridges that packed it in after a few months of loyal service.
the price you pay i guess.

big d

I had a look at the tap set, thats a short post aint it??? or has the collar shifted up the post??
Johnno, if you were intending to mount this on a shelf on the front of the fridge how were you hoping to keep it cold. I've read about the problems with warm towers on chest freezers (the best solution being to set up a fan below to blow cold air into the tower). On the front of a fridge I'm not sure how you could chill it. Your first few glasses are going to be foamy and warm if you dont work out some way to chill it I would think.

I've thought about a tower on my chest freezer but I'm thinking I'll just wait until I can get another fridge (seeing as mine died too) and then mount taps. Then the chest freezer will become my fermentation freezer.

Cheers. Justin
Thanks for all the replies. I wont bid for this as I dont have a chest freezer.
I'll wait and see what comes around.

Hey Hoops, just building on this idea. To adapt this to fit your keg all you need is a barbed gas disconnect and to make sure the tyre inflater fits the thin valve type (schrader type) with the screw in head (common on road bikes and high end mountain bikes, this one fits it).

Anyway, I use a good quality bike pump attached to a barbed gas disconnect to push stuff out of my kegs (mostly caustic and acids when cleaning) when I don't need to use CO2. Seals perfectly and I can get quite a lot of pressure in my kegs with it. It just has a rubber washer that compresses when you screw in the securing nut on top of it. I think this is how all attachments fit these valves anyway. But the moral of the story is it would be quite easy to attach to a disconnect to use with your keg.

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