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I'm about to do the above mentioned Pilsener, whats the best time to rack & dry hop extra Saaz? Am going to use the Saflager 34/70 yeast, so if it is anything like S-04 it should go off fast. Therefore i could rack after about 3 days?
I guess i am just after the procedure, as i have never dry hopped before.
Do i need to rack at all if i am going CC?
All these questions, so little time.

A lot depends on the temperature you are brewing at. If you brew at true lager temps, ie: approx 9-13 degrees, then it will take around 2 weeks to ferment out in my experience and, again in my opinion it isn't advisable to rack before you have finished fermentation or are very close to it to avoid stuck ferments. Everyone has a view on racking procedure, but I reckon racking at half gravity is a very risky business, especially with cool slow fermenting yeasts. I brewed a lager using my fridge in January at 12 degrees using 34/70 and racked at 14 days, racked again at 21 days before ccing and then racked to bulk prime. The result is nice clear clean tasting beer, but others may disagree with my method. Either way, 3 days seems way too soon unless you are brewing too hot. 34/70 also seems to have a pretty long lag time, so don't panic if it doesn't start as quickly as you're used to with s-04. Again, this all depends on your fermentation temps.

Good luck,

I just got back from ESB and picked this up myself - first brew in ages. Just thought I'd go for something simple.

Let me know how you go with it SJW
If you are using the dry yeast,why not make a starter for it( can be done at room temp) and step it up to 2 litres?(ensures plenty of yeasties). If you are going to ferment at low temp give it the full 2 weeks to be sure, then the 24 hour diacetyl(?) rest (up to room temp) then rack to 2ndry and back into the fridge for 4 weeks at 2-3oC( the lower temp speeds up the process). Then bottle/keg away
Making a starter is not needed. Just pitch 23g dry yeast, preferably rehydrated. if fermenting at lager temps (8-10C) pull fermenter out fridge just b4 ferment complete, let warm to room temp over 3 days (diacetyl rest) then rack & cc (lager) for a month or more.

Must agree racking b4 ferment is finished is risky and not advisable

Jovial Monk
So when do i dry hop? There was a thread before about dry hopping into CC, and it did not sound good. Or can i just steep my SAAZ in a plunger for 10 min then dump in cc.
I just dry hop directly into my secondary when racking at end of fermentation. Works well for me. :chug:


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