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Well today was the day and my lovely wife gave birth to our first child, a beautiful baby girl, both are doing fine. Totally rapt with it all and have had a few nice stong belgians to celbrate! :party:

I am sure that by the age of three she will be able to pour a better pint than most publicans :p and with a bit of luck by the age of ten will be able to run the bruhaus.

here' hopin' :p
Congrats to you and the family,
may this be the beginning of something truly wonderful

I'll have a beer for you when I get home from work :)
Congratulations mate, I'm glad to hear everyone is safe and healthy :)

I'm having a vienna lager in honour of your new fermentation assistant.
That is awesome. Congratulations to you and your family JasonY.
Bit early for me to sink a couple so I will tonight.
Get some sleep now before they come home from hospital :p

Congratulations JasonY. There is literally nothing else like it, eh? I echo Doc's advice - every minute you're not at the hospital with them, be asleep. You'll need to stock up. :)
Congrats to you and yours Jason. :party:

I trust mother and baby are doing well? :)

Warren -
Congratulations Jason. :beerbang:
All the best to you and your family.

A brewing apprentice, congratulations hope your wife and baby are healthy and happy.

That is awesome.
Congratulations to you and your family JasonY.
I will sink a couple to your familys honour tonight.

Now you too have a Beer Goddess in waiting :)
Congratulations JasonY. Best wishes to all. I'll have one to wet the head tonight.
Congratulations Jasony. A good effort all round! Best of luck with your "settling in" period :D . Nice to have a future brew assistant in the wings! I'll have a few HBs tonight in her honour!

Cheers - Snow
Nice work on you first recruit...

Congrats JasonY, Hope she doesn't give you too many sleepless nights - but good practise for when she becomes a teenager & the sleepless nights start all over again... :D
Congrats Jason.... hope all goes well.

Don't listen to all this talk of lack of sleep, it is only an occasional event, even when they are very little, so just go with the flow, and catch up when you can.

Yep, congratulations Jason. Hope everything is going well with Mum and Bub. Here's to the apprentice brewer :chug:

Congrats again.

Good onya JasonY. Congrats. Will crack open an English Strong Ale tonight in your family's honor.

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