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Hi all
I noticed the subject on how you record your brews.
I have been using promash for some time now but I always run the recipe through Beertools before I brew it.
There is a number of reasons.
1. If it picks up something out to that style like colour, IBU;s, OG, or what ever it shows you in a very easy graph format.
2. Every beer I run through beertools just seems to me to be more to style and it finds my faults I did not see when its in Pomash.
3. For those who have never used it. It has a great program of generating a recipe to style from the ingredients you give it.
4. It is the software that made my beers where they are today.
Have a look at and let me know what you think.
G'day Ray,
Have gone to the beer tools site in the past to source recipes as a basis for developing my own. Your post spurred my interest and I had a quick look at the Recipe Generator and analysis components. Gave me instant feedback and when comes time to develop a new recipe I'll be certain to put it through its paces. Top tip.

PS - pretty quiet on the board with the adelaide folk up at grumpys atm
I just had a look at it then and it looks pretty good. Simple to use and pretty easy to make to style recipes.
For those who have never been to the site it has over 4000 recipes. I should imagine a lot have never been brewed, but a lot have.
If you go into recipes and do a search on "Ray" (raydownunder) you will find I have about 30 or more proven recipes.
Richard Peachey from Sydney brewed the "Schwarzbier # 7 or 9 I forget and won the dark lager Cat in comp in SA.
Its a good starting point for recipe formulation as it gives you an idea what are the common ingredients being used for some styles.
Happy hunting
Thanks Ray for the link to Beertools. I'm into my second AG on Monday and since I don't have any of the beer programmes like Promash, Beersmith, etc., it is a great site to play around with and create new receipes.

Cheers - Duff :)
Have been playing around for a while now with it and I think I will join as a GOLD member, makes it nice and simple for me to work out my hop amount etc without the confusing hassle of promash and a few others out there.

yeah, i've been using it for a year or so, i've got a few recipes in the library there ("ecze"). i'm sort of forced into using it over promash cause i've got a mac. does the job, theres a good range of ingredients there (unlike recipator) and it seems to be pretty accurate. also it's good to be able to browse such a huge collection of recipes it gives you a good idea seeing all the different ways to brew a style. although there are some dimwits on there putting honey and cascades in their klsches that sort of thing.
i wish they had some stuff on there for mashing - calculating strike temps, liquor/grist ratios, pH, water adjustment etc, most of the time i'm guessing at that stuff without promash.
Beertools is great!!! Ray put me onto it at one the brewers meetings ( Illawarra brewers union), and i went from partial mash pales ales, to brewing porters, kolsch ales, czech pils, weizens, bloody anything!. This would probably have been only 10-12(?) months ago, and now have enough confidence in my beer, that i will be entering comps in 2005, mainly for the judging notes, but, hey, theres always hope ;) . Also, its SO BLOODY EASY, i havent got a f^%$#n clue how to use promash (evaluation version), but beertools is just bloody simple. I would recommend it to anyone. Also, thanks ray!!!!!!

P.S, when you use beertools in conjunction with a book like designing great beers, you really start to make good beer i reckon ;)
Hi all
Its funny I was in Beertools last nite formulating my next beers between xmas and new year.
The first beer is a Kolsch and the other an Imperial Rye IPA. I formulated the recipes in promash and ran them through Beertools.
I dont care what software all you guys and girls are brewing with but I was amazed at the differance Beertools gave me, Its not a big differance but just enough to show me where I missed on a few things.
I have no reason why beertools gives different results than Promash but all I can say is when I make a beer that has been through Beertools it is spot on.
I have the Gold version and I recommend all brewers from extract, Partial mash to full mash to give the Gold version a go and at the moment if you contact them there is a 50% discount.
Just for those interested I have a large number of tried recipes on the database. When on the recipes page do a search on "ray" and you will find my recipes in the name of "raydownunder"
What was great about this software when I found it in 2001 was it generates recipes for you from what ingredients you select. How easy when your starting off.
BTW I dont have any deals with Berrtools. I can only recommend it and look where it has got me in 3 years.
Cheers Guys, I signed up this morning for GOLD membership so worth the money..

I love the fact it tells me how much and when to put in what (recipe generator)
I've been using beertools for a few years now... went gold last year and loved the additional features it gives you (the sliding scale for fine adjustments is a bloody brilliant time saver). Almost every brew I make these days gets put through the beertools calculator.


neonmeate said:
yeah, i've been using it for a year or so, i've got a few recipes in the library there ("ecze").
You're not eczematic from RB are you? :)

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