Do You Batch Sparge Or Fly Sparge?

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I know there is no right answer to the question but do u Batch or Fly sparge?
And what typical efficiency do u get?
My first part mash was Fly sparged but i did it way too quick and only got 50% efficiency. Next time will do a batch and compare the diff.

Also how do you sieve out the plug/whole flower hops from the boil? as i found they block up any type of sieve devise. Should i put them in a hop bag or just use them for dry hopping in the rack or when cold conditioning?
Personally I fly sparge although I dont use fany sparge arms and the like. Usually I spend 45min - 60mins sparging a typical brew to reach my preboil volume. Efficiency is around 80% if not a bit higher.

Never tried batch sparging so cant comment on it except to say that I am sure it is quicker and easier, I have just always sprged this way.
I usually fly sparge as I do 45lt batches and my mash tun just can't take the extra volume. When I do single batches I batch sparge as this is quicker and my efficiency is slighty better.

I don't put any straining device in my boiler I use a converted keg with a tap, on the inside I have a pipe that goes from the tap and bends down to the floor of the boiler this finishes about three mm from the bottom of the keg.

I just whirlpool the wort after cooling and leave for about 15 mins to settle, open the tap and it pous out no probs.
I batch sparge.

I have only used my current setup once (including new mill, new esky, new brewpot) and hit 90%. I couldn't believe it until I had someone check my calcs for me.

Can admin turn this into a poll? I would be curious to know what the split is.

sosman said:
Can admin turn this into a poll? I would be curious to know what the split is.
Because SJW started the topic he should be able to attach a poll to this topic.


PS: I batch sparge but runoff at fly sparging flow rates.
I have only batch sparged, (only three all grains) with mixed results My worst result was caused by trying to drain too fast (expecting 1.05 and getting 1.047) I hope to set up to fly sparge when I get the gear together. cheers
i batch sparge.its the grouse
very easy.only ever did one efficiency reading and from memory it was in the 80s.
im happy with it.

big d the article on batch sparging -grain and grape site by steve nicholls. a good read
The poll has been added, so poll away guys, and lets see who does what!
I batch sparge, but like Doc, I do it slowly. I started off doing it quickly as it is recommended, but had nothing but trouble.
Batch, usually 2 batches as per Denny, with a very fast runoff - 2-3 minutes to empty. Efficiency between 70 and 80% to date. A higher batch volume followed by a longer boil for the upper end.

Batch sparging by necessity because I dont have a pump or a three tier rig. So when receiving sparge water the tun is on the ground, and when draining the tun is on the table. Gravity (or rather my back) does the work.
Hey Doc,
Wha reasons do you have for doing a slow runoff with batch sparging. I have been trying it lately and have been dumping the liquor as fast as I could. I was under the impression that time saving was the main reason for batch sparging.
Here's another vote for the slow-flow batch sparge group!
Tony M,

I found that when I ran-off fast my efficiency went out the window and I missed all my pre-boil targets by miles.
I attributed that to the fact that I wasn't stirring the mash when refilling the MLT. So on my last brewday (last week) I gave it a go again stirring the mash when refilling the MLT. I then ended up waiting about 15 mins for the mash to settle, and had to recirculate about 3 litres to get a clear runoff again.
So it appears that with my MLT (approx 50 litre rectangular cooler) I get channelling when I runoff fast.
Having to wait for the grain bed to re-settle and having to recirculate meant that the sparge took the same time as it was previously anyway.
So I'll stick to refilling the MLT and having a slow runoff.

What do u call a slow run off ? When i did my Bock i thought i did, what i thought, was a slow fly sparge but i run off the first 6 litres of runnings in about 5 min's.

I call slow run-off approx 60 minutes to collect 33 litres.

A normal runoff time would never be less than 60 minutes and typically more like 90 minutes. This does not vary with the size of the brewery as you might think - there is a rule of thumb of one runoff point per square metre or less of lauter plate area (false bottom) so the time is the same whether it be 25 litres or 2500 litres. Slow and gentle is the way to go.

BTW typical efficiencys for single infusion micro mash tuns is 85% but the crush is finer than most HBers use and the runoff has to be slow as above.

i batch sparge an hit aROUND 78% in my last 2 brewsand i do open the tap all the way and when i do sparge i mixe up the grain bed so i do get good extract out as i have a smaller tun i sparge twice
I am prepared to sacrifice 5% efficiency to reduce my sparge time by 1/2 hour. The cost of the grain is trivial compared to the time I could be spending with a beer in hand.

As long as I hit my efficiency consistently, its fine.

im with pedro.whats hour to slowly run off my batch sparge would be way to boring for me.
as ive been adviced give the batch a stir sit for ten minutes then run off at whatever your happy with. ;)

big d
Just been reading other threads about this slow sparge method. Do u think that the better efficiency accosiated with a slow drain & sparge has anything to do with the fact that the grain has more time for the conversion process compared with a quick drain?
This would make sence to me especially if u dont do a mash out. <_<
What your take on this boys :)

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