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Does anyone have a nitrogen fill setup? I was thinking of getting a nitro coffee/stout setup, and while I like the Size C bottles, I wouldn't be able to use them on the go.

Unfortunately Kegland/Keg King don't do the sodastream refills anymore, so I was wondering if anyone has done it themselves.

I'm assuming I'd need some sort of high pressure regulator to avoid popping the bottle? Regular CO2 bottles are at 830psi and I'd imagine a sodastream cylinder couldn't take much more than that.

Otherwise, I might have to get some sort of N2 bulb setup.
If you are filling from a mixed gas cylinder, you won’t need a regulator. Mixed CO2/N2 can only be pressurised to around 5,000kPa where as N2 is usually bottled at 20,000kPa (20mPa). If you pressurised the mix above the vapour pressure of CO2 it would condense back into a liquid and the mix would change and you would only be delivering (mostly) N2 until the pressure fell back down to the vapour pressure/temperature of CO2...

The amount of gas stored in a soda stream bottle will be fairly small as you are working with stored pressure not liquid CO2. Personally I would use a 1kg CO2 bottle then you can use your normal regulator for portability and dispense.
All you would need would be a normal CO2 bottle to bottle jumper lead, just to re-pressurise your portable bottle.
Ah ok, beer gas might be the go then.

I wouldn't need much for a portable N2 Sodastream, basically just enough to push a corny at most while I'm out camping. From what I can tell, they fill the Sodastream cylinders with 100g, which should push about 79 liters.

I noticed these regs, which would probably require a new stem.