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A friend asked me if I know a low sugar beer , he has beer diagnosed as diabetic , he is also a kit brewer only.
Someone once posted a diet kit beer on the site if I remember correctly , anybody know of , or recall this?

Cheers Batz
I shudder at the thought of this, but would an extra dry type beer be good for this, something that uses a drying enzyme to achieve high attenuation.

It might be the best way to go, unless of course this man has some taste :)
I started out brewing with the intension of only brewing low carb/sugar beers, by using the "dry enzyme". The problem is you a very limited to the type/style of beer you can brew as the dry enzyme enables the yeast to burn up a lot more of the sugar to convert to alcohol. The problem is this is only good for brewing some type of thin, crisp higher alcohol, tasteless, summer lawnmover beer. It gets real ordinary real quick.
But for your friend who is diabetic i cant see why brewing big full beers should effect him too much. I am diabetic and make heaps of big Bocks & stouts often up around 1.080 OG.
Take it from me, dont use dry enzyme, its crap, just dont over consume.

I am planing my new batch to use dry enzyme..

I am doing extract but you could try the following:

- Morgans Golden Saaz Pilsner
- 1.5 KG Morgans unhopped extra pale malt
- 250gms Corn Syrup (To help thicken it up a little)
- Dry Hop with Hallertau Hops
- Dry Enzyme

I am doing pretty much the above except using extract and bittering with Northern Brewers I will let you know the result if ya like
speaking of low sugar things is ther an alchole with no lactose or gluten
my mum cant have em she intolorent

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