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Hey all.. Okay.. Working out for my friend a cabinet.. Okay we've come up with a plan.. just wanna know what you all think..
First of all its going to house rooms for 2 fermenters.. maybe insulated or heated.. but carboys will be seperated.
Left side of the cabinet will have 2 compartments side by side for sitting the carboys.. will be on a sliding drawer type thing but flat.. as not to disturb the *crap on the bottom. Other side of the bench mostlikely will be cleaned and sealed.. eg so no bugs and stuff.. so it can house clean utensiles.
On the top of the bench will be a bottler and /maybe a sink.. not too sure as of yet.. Maybe just a bench top..
The goal of this setup isn't for beers as such.. maybe future.. but initially for stuff like ginger beer(friends crazy about it).... And maybe alco apple drink stuff.. If there are plans for beer etc.. each side of the cabinet may be insulated differently.. Will be housed in a shed with power..
Any recommendations or changes to plans.. * I've had a recommendation for storing each carboy on top of each other so i can have a secondary fermenter/carboy.. but i don't think this is needed because of its purpose.
Thoughts would be grateful