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just wondering what every one who hires there bottles pays for gas?

how muc hire charge per month/year and how much for a refill.

Also where are you getting it from.

just doing some sums,

Grain & grape in melb. hire out gas bottles - 10.00 a year from memory...

Check with them...
is that all???? BOC in here in geelong qouted me like $100 for hire and $40 to fill it, and for that hundred it come empty!!!

ill be going to grain and grape on wednesday (ive never been before)

so ill check it out.

what does everyone else pay?
it is 108.00 rent a year in adelaide - ring Grain and grape first - see if they have some...
couldnt find my reciept but from memory as gmk says around 108-110/year rental and i think mine up here is $62 per refill.

big d
For a 6kg cylinder I pay about $130 per year in rent and about $35 a refil I think (never had one yet).

Project for next month is to ring around Perth and find a CO2 extinguisher like others have in other states. The deals some of the brew shops over east offer seem very good and if we could get them over here I wouldn't bother with looking for an extinguisher ... unfortunately it seems BOC & AirLiquide screw us over here. :angry:

Ultimate air a selling cylinders that can apparently be filled by Chubb but at $300 for a 2.5kg it is a bit steep for me. Hoping to get a 6kg extinguisher for much less, if I find one I will post so other Perth brewers can use it as a reference (unless someone has done it already!).
I was wandering around Bills machinery in Gnangara Rd. the other day and out the back he had some old CO2 extinguishers for $75.00
Thanks Tony I know the place but it is a long way from me (Atwell) so I will try and shop close to home first! Will let you know how I go. :)
so if everyone is paying about the price i got quoted, why does grain and grape say its so cheap?

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