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Where's Jim?

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Hey all,

Just decided to get into kegging so I went to Keg King and the bloke there set me up with everything I needed. Unfortunately, because I'm new to this, I didn't think to inspect the kegs first. I just took them and left.

I went to clean them yesterday and found this:


Soaked in homebrand napisan over night, attempted a scrub and it's still the same. It looks like some sort of quick repair job. The rust continues a little way up the dip tube too.

Is this fine to use for beer (seeing as it doesn't seem to come off) or do I make the trip back and ask for a different keg?

Shit, that's not good at all.

Doesn't look like your local has inspected it before they purchased/received it either.

I'd return it immediately. That actually looks structurally dangerous when dealing with a vessel designed to take pressure.
take it back mate that looks like shit and will be dangroise
Hopefully they look after you and are apologetic as they obviously didn't check as new to kegging or not you are going to notice that. what moron would do that to the keg in the first place then pass on. I recon he should let you keep that one for spare popets and o rings etc and hand you another
They're generally pretty good down there with that type of thing, I'm guessing you won't have any trouble returning it or getting a refund.

Mind you, they 'should' be inspecting EVERY keg that they distribute. That's just good business sense.

In saying that, I've bought some grain from them recently and damn is it cheap!
If you used that keg you would have a good chance of infection , of the unhealthy kind

bacteria get under the rust flacks and will not be killed by sanitizers

Even steam sanitation will not kill the bugs under rust

this was my experience back in a past life when I worked at a Sydney dairy processing plant