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Hi All,

Looking to offload this keg which doesn't fit in my keezer properly (slightly different shape to the normal kegland keg style). I was overseas for two years and lent a friend my kegs, however one of them was swapped for this coca cola keg and he couldn't find my original. It is made in Italy.

- Great condition inside and out
- Liquid dip tube has been cut a little short - does not reach the bottom (had a silicone extender on it for serving, could also be used for fermenting).
- Gas dip tube that I have does not fit this keg (tube has ridges like a normal corny, whereas the gas entrance to the keg is smooth). Could easily be filed down to fit, I just have not done so as I knew it didn't fit my keezer
- Comes with the ridged gas dip tube, and the ball lock post that is not currently fitted, as well as several spare dip tube o-rings.

I have no idea what these are worth, but it is great quality, and based on what I've seen other kegs go for, I'll ask for $60. Pick up in Teneriffe, or can work out a drop off if someone is really interested.


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