Corny Keg - New (2.5 Gallon)

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Does anyone know if these are available in OZ somewhere? I can only find them in the U.S.
If so, lcoation and price would be handy if you know it.

Corny Keg - NEW (2.5 gallon)
id be in the market for a few of them.

what do they cost from the states?
I'd love a few too, would go great as my 'party keg' with Co2 Bulbs.
thats alittle better, wonder how many they would ship at a time
i think it is 3 per box


forgot to mention there is a place in vic, that makes them brand new for about $180 or so. can't think of them name at the mo'

also, (craig deacon) might have some second hand to buy for about $100 or so.
kman - Check my post in the cheap kegs thread, I have listed how many kegs per box in each combo and what the postage will cost for them all.

3 X 3 Gallon Kegs in 1 Box
2 X 5 Gallon
1 X 5 + 1 X 3
Earlier today I was at Andale @ Botany to pick up some final bits and pieces for my kegging system. While I was there, he had some of the new 3 gallon corny's on the floor. They retail for $200 each !!
So at that rate, brewers discount is the way to go.

By the way, most other things are reasonably priced and the guy was extremely helpful. He had all sorts of good ideas on fridge set ups. Spent the best part of an hour just chewin' the fat.
So if you're in Sydney and need kegging help I would highly recommend a visit.


PS. The keg system will be installed over the weekend. Already have two brews CCing ready to go. Hopefully will be pullin' my first beer by Sunday - can't wait !!!
:D :D :p

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